The Company


Wonderful Shine offers independent commodity inspection services, laboratory analysis and certification services to the commodity industry.

Wonderful Shine works with an extensive range of commodities and consumer products and have a special focus on protein meals, seed and grain, fats, cordyceps and oils. We cater to producers and consumers, exporters and importers who want independent testing, inspection and certification services.

Wonderful Shine have a purpose built agri-commodities testing laboratory. Qualified surveyors and inspectors are strategically located around Asia to ensure efficient inspection, sampling and document issuance.

When you need reliable and prompt assessment of the quantity and quality of your cargo by a fully accredited superintendent company – we’re there to assist you.

Wonderful Shine management team has extensive experience across all agricultural commodities and provides you with dedicated support and personalised advice tailored to your needs.

Why choose us?

We specialise in agricultural commodities

With more than 12 years of experience in agricultural commodities, we have the expertise to guarantee the highest standards of inspection, laboratory analysis, certification and quick and accurate document issuance.

Comprehensive laboratory analysis

We use the latest, internationally recognised testing methods, and our highly skilled team provides specialised laboratory testing.

Quick turnaround of services

Our services are timely, accurate and competitive – so that your reporting and certification deadlines can be met.

Asian and worldwide service network

Our team of qualified surveyors and inspectors are strategically located at all the inland packing sites and export terminals around Asia, providing prompt, reliable and professional service – when and where you need it.

Protein Meals Fats and Oils Grains, Seeds,
Sugar and Pulses
Loading and Discharge Superintendence
Draft Survey
Hold Inspection, Hatch Sealing, Hose Testing
Tank Inspection
Onsite Sampling and Inspection during packing
Pre-Shipment Inspection
Stocktaking Survey
Analytical Services
Quality Control
Container Inspection
Damage Survey