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Our Services

As your inspection and certification services partner, we can promise you global access to experience andinnovation that’s second to none.

Inspection Services

Our professional inspection and superintendence services give you reassurance, knowing you have someone on site to represent and protect your interests.

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Laboratory Services

Our laboratory operates under the strict guidelines of international organizations and proficiency testing programs of various industry bodies.

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Certification Services

We have over 12 years of experience in providing documentation and certification and understand your need for quick turnaround in order to avoid transaction delays.

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Our Company

Wonderful Shine provides independent commodity inspection solutions, laboratory analysis and certification services to the agricultural industry. We offer specialised and reliable support from producer to consumer, exporter to importer.

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Let's grow together

With more than 12 years of experience in agricultural commodities, we have the expertise to guarantee the highest standards of inspection, laboratory analysis, certification services and quick and accurate document issuance.
We specialise in agricultural commodities:

  • Asian and worldwide service network
  • Comprehensive laboratory analysis
  • Quick turnaround of services

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For more information, or to discuss your superintendence and testing needs, please contact us.